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Academic learning and sports education are the complements of each other. They resemble the two sides of the same coin. If the sports education is carried out accompany with the academic curriculum, the over-all personality of the student are increased to greater extent. They get the qualities of the leadership, sharing, team spirit and tolerance from the sports.

Sports education not only teaches the students to maintain the physical stamina, but also the habit of obedience, discipline, the determination to win, will power, etc. The power of reasoning, mental development, vocational specialization comes from the academics to the students. Therefore sports education along with the academics result in the mental, moral and physical development of the students.

In order to incorporate with sports education our school has appointed a well-qualified and experienced teacher for various sport activities.

So we provide the facilities of following mentioned sports in our school .

The school has appointed sport teachers for various games. Those who desire to play for the School and the House must register with the Physical Training PTI.

The school has a big and well-maintained play ground for playing cricket, football, volleyball along with a very good Basketball court. Also school has well maintained 400 mtr track for athletics.

We have facilities for conducting various activities like Skipping, Yoga, M.P.T(Drill) and a remarkable provision for the celebration of Annual Sports Week, in session.

Moreover, a well- maintained sports room for different indoor games such as;




Chinese Checker

Table Tennis etc.


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