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Lesson Plans

The Tata Class Edge Lesson Plans have been carefully designed by instructional design experts with a wide exposure to Indian and international teaching methodologies.

The instructional framework that Tata ClassEdge uses is called the Multiple Learning Experiences Model—a model designed by Tata Interactive Systems.

The model is developed on the premise that when students use multiple senses (hearing, seeing, doing) and are involved in a variety of activities, they will be better involved with learning and will have better retention of concepts. The model makes use of distinct types of activities that promote diverse skills in students, including critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, communication skills, presentation skills, etc. As a result, each lesson plan makes use of well thought out individual and group activities, field trips and projects. These plans also provide Extension Activities for both struggling and gifted learners as well as interesting interdisciplinary correlations, called Plug Points.


The visual medium has a great appeal for today's students. That said, research has proven that student's comprehension level reduces when the visual assets are of longer duration. Therefore, Tata ClassEdge makes use of short-duration multimedia assets to:

* Briefly explain concepts that are difficult to visualise for students

* Arouse curiosity about a topic

* Generate discussions in classrooms

* Provide opportunities to interact with the medium and receive feedback

Tata ClassEdge also makes use of more immersive multimedia formats like Virtual Labs and Games. There are also several interactive tools (such as Geo Board, Number Line, Periodic Table, Maps, Timelines, etc.) available for teachers to illustrate important topics.


There will be a quiz at the end of every lesson to help students recall the main points covered in the lesson. The quiz questions are framed to elicit students' comprehension, application and analytical skills.


Tata ClassEdge provides a bank of test items written at various levels of difficulty in order to test students' understanding, application skills and analytical thinking. Teachers can also make use of the assessment platform to add more questions to the bank and generate question papers for formative and summative assessments. The assessment system can track the performance of each student individually as well as on a relative basis.


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